I used to be such a tom-boy when I was younger and don’t think I wore make up until I was around 17! I remember I was working in a pub and my sister put some bronzer on me before I went to work that evening and I had a few compliments saying how nice I looked and what have I done differently, so from that day on I started to wear make up, ah the wonders of a compliment haha! I am certainly not an expert in no way but I do love make up and like to take care of my skin, try to anyway!

I think the most important thing is removing your make up properly to make sure your skin is clean to avoid blemishes. I used to just use a face wash and then moisturize but my skin was getting so bad and I couldn’t understand why. My sister, who is much more of an expert on these things than me, suggested I use a toner after washing my face as well, so I tried this and I was amazed how much make up was still left on my face! I now incorporate this into my daily routine and have noticed a massive difference, it also leaves your face feeling much softer as well. I tend to use mostly No.7 products because my skin is so sensitive and I have tried so many different products, and theirs’ seem to suit my skin the best. I used to use Liz Earle which I loved but it just broke the bank every time I ran out. No.7 is just much more affordable.

I use No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Foaming Cleanser and No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Toning Water 200ml

It has also come to my attention I am getting older, so I suddenly thought, I need anti wrinkle cream immediately!! So I use No.7 again, as I don’t really know what else is good, I use the early defence eye cream  I don’t really know how these things work, but I like to think its helping. For moisturiser I use No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal / Dry Skin  I like this because it has spf 15 in and that’s the first thing to protect your skin on a daily basis. For night time moisturiser I use Rosehip oil, which is meant to be amazing for your skin, and you only need a tiny bit! I couldn’t find the one I use but I think any 100% Rosehip oil works the same whichever one you buy, apparently its great for anti aging! I also sometimes use the No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Dry if I want a break from the oil.

Make up wise, I tend to use whatever I like the look of. When I used to live in the Cayman Islands there were so many great options and I used to love buying myself some good make up, but now its a case of what’s the most affordable I can get, but still good quality. I only tend to use a Rimmel concealer number 200 (to hide the mum bags and spots) a Mac Studio Fix powder (which is my absolute favourite) a Mac blusher or No.7 bronzer, sometimes both depending on how I feel/look haha and then some mascara, although lately my eye lids have been swelling which Is weird as they haven’t done that for ages so don’t know what’s going on there!? Also does anyone else’s eyelashes snap off? Mine grow and then just snap off so I am left with massive gaps all over my eyes which is so annoying! I never know whether to get lash extensions or use a lash moisturiser/conditioner. I always get worried the lash extensions will damage my eyelashes further. I did use this conditioner called RapidLash enhancing serum which was amazing! My eye lashes grew really long and healthy and the minute I ran out they all snapped off!! Maybe I am just destined not to have long lashes…

Like I said I really don’t have much idea what I am talking about, but I do like to take care of my skin and I love Make up, so hopefully it was informative or just fun to read!

Amy xxx





We have all been there, when the baby won’t stop screaming, the 3rd cup of tea has gone cold and everything you touch somehow lands on the floor! Well yesterday was one of those days for me. Emma did not have had enough sleep and she woke up in such a mood, moaning at me for Peppa Pig but when I put it on she’s screaming saying nooo, so I change it to Ben and Holly, that’s a no too, so I give up and the telly goes off….that’s also a noooo! So as you can imagine I’m thinking what a great start to the day, i’ll try and distract her with breakfast and colouring while I try to do the washing up. As I’m running the water into the sink she comes stomping in screaming and pulling at my legs, “mummy, mummy, ahhhh!” I give up, this is not going to happen today, I can’t possibly do any housework with Emma screaming around me, so I decide to get us both ready and head out, sounds easy doesn’t it… not today!

I still haven’t decided whether it’s best to get myself ready first or to get Emma ready first, it’s still an ongoing battle. I got Emma washed and changed with not much fussing, but now she’s ready, and as the whole world revolves around her, we must leave immediately! She doesn’t care that I still look like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards! “Let mummy get ready, 2 minutes, hang on, no, don’t do that, its all wet there, don’t pull that,” you see where I’m going with this, then I hear, “uh oh!” The two dreaded words, what has she done now. Of course she’s managed to open her drink and tip it down herself, and now she’s screaming because her top is soaking wet. All I can say is thank God for hairdryers, what would us mummies do without them?! Shortly after Emma is changed again, having dried her top, and I go back to attempting to make myself look presentable.

We are finally ready to get out of the door, Emma has got her favourite teddy, and I have the Nappy bag, then I hear, “oh mummy, its poo poo!” Great, we are just walking out the door and she needs her nappy changed! (Face plant the wall).

I am sure this resonates with many, if not all, mums out there. When did getting ready in the morning become so difficult? And what did I do before I had a baby? Did it really used to take me an hour to get ready!? I think I have got it down to 10-15 minutes now!

My advice to mums out there is sit down and make a cuppa when you get a chance, because our job is the toughest of all!