This is a phrase I have struggled with since becoming a mum, “at least you don’t work”, or “Yea but you don’t work”, or “you’re so lucky to have all this time to yourself”. I get it, the pictures and the videos look like we are having the best time and to be honest we are, but it’s also extremely hard work. The days out and the mummy meets are great fun and are always beneficial to Emma, we always go to a ‘baby-friendly’ place, with a kids menu, a playground or soft play are and better yet, animals! So you can imagine the grown up talking is very much limited by interruptions from our little ones. I am so grateful for my mummy friends, to have someone you can talk too and who are going through everything at the same time as you is so comforting and lets you know you are not alone in this incredible journey. Being a mum is definitely a full time job, I generally start my day early and don’t sit down until 9:30 at night, on a good day, and we also have to take into the account the amount of time Emma wakes up in the night, so when someone says to me “at least you don’t work”, it’s confusing because, actually I do work! Motherhood is the hardest but best job of all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my ‘job’ and count my lucky stars that I get to wake up with this little beauty everyday, however, there is no instruction manual or training guide before your baby comes into this world, there is no one to tell you just how hard it is or how lonely it can be at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Emma is 2 now and I do two days a week of work to cover the cost of her nursery, but I am getting to that time now when I am thinking should I be working more now? What do other mums do at this point? I know circumstances are different for everyone and some mothers have no choice but to work to support their family and they, for sure, have the toughest job of all! I have all the respect for the single mums out there who are doing it all on their own, girl power!! A few single mamas I am following right now are Mama_unexpectedThesinglemumsdiary, and Everthedaring such a bunch of inspirational mamas 🙂 They have shown that even facing adversities they blossomed and have become the best mums to there little babes.

Raising Emma has literally been the best thing ever, it has definitely had it’s ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a single thing, as long as she is happy I am happy.

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So living in the Cayman Islands is exactly as it sounds, white sands, blue skies and clear seas…paradise! But when I fell pregnant with my daughter Emma, we decided to move back to my hometown in England to be closer to my family. I left friends and a great job working in events, planning weddings and corporate events for a large resort Hotel, which I can hopefully get back into in this Country.
To give you a bit of background my husband is originally from India and we met in the Cayman Islands, so he moved back to join me literally a few days before Emma was born, it was certainly a close shave!
 (Little Emma in my tummy there!)
My husband needed a visa to come to England so we thought rather than wait to get to England to get married, we would do a small ceremony on the beach with a few close friends.
Having left Cayman nearly 2 years ago now, it is becoming a distant memory and I am still missing the Island and my friends and wondering, did I really leave the Caribbean to come to rainy, cold England!!? But when I see Emma with her Aunties, Nana, and Grandad, I am reminded that I made the right decision.
So that is a little bit about me for my first blog post, I am so new to this so any tips and feedback would be greatly appreciated! I hope everyone enjoys reading!
Amy xxx