Buttercup Dress

There is nothing more I love than dressing my little one, her wardrobe is 100 times better than mine, and 100 times bigger! There are just so many things to buy and everything looks so much cuter when they are mini sizes! A few of my favourite places to shop for her are; Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencers and Next, in that order. I do love The Little White Company and often if its a special occasion she will have a treat from there, as it’s quite pricey. If I was richer she would have clothes from Bon Point, but I’m still holding out on that lottery win! It helps that Emma has very stylish aunties and nana that buy her super cute clothes.

I absolutely love this dress from Zara, it’s so summery and goes with everything. The Sandals are from Marks and Spencer and are so cute, you can’t see in this picture but they have little pom poms over the bridge of the shoe, adorable!




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