The time has come to start thinking about getting back into work. A much more daunting thought when for the past 2 and half years all I have been is Mama, Mummy and a nappy disposal, now I have to be me. I am sure many of you know how it feels to slip into the comfort zone of just being a mummy and not really thinking about yourself and just worrying about the upbringing of your mini me, so when I think about interviews, emails and uniforms it sends shivers down my spine. I think you do lose a lot of confidence in yourself and your abilities when you become a mother because everything you were used to changes and you are thrown into the unknown, but at least most of it can be done in your pyjamas!

After applying for the first job I did it with excitement thinking this will be great, it will give me a bit of my independence back and I will earn some money and generally it will be good for family life, but the minute I hit submit I suddenly thought, hang on this means I might have to do an interview, I don’t remember how to do that! Then I find myself worrying about things that have not even happened yet…oh hi anxiety, it’s been a minute!

We send Emma to nursery already twice a week and I work to cover the cost of that but I am looking for something now with a bit more money so we can save for holidays and other luxuries we don’t have the money for at the moment. So Emma is already settled there so sending her a few more days should work out well, I just find I am overloaded with mum guilt and always continue to go over the same points and constantly change my mind. Even as I begin to type them I know they are stupid, but things like, surely I am just effectively paying for someone else to bring her up, or, what happens if she starts to prefer being at nursery and wont want to play with me, or will she feel sad!? So silly, but I live in hope that all mums feel the same!? haha

That was definitely more of a venting/what I’m feeling right now sort of post but I hope this gives another mama reading his some hope that all mums go through these times and if we can be a mother to giggling, pooing, eating, messy babies then we can do anything!!

Amy xx


Happy October everyone! I absolutely love coming into the autumn winter months, mostly because I love the fashion and the snow, but also because you can eat all the comforting foods without feeling too guilty! I love to cook stews, roast dinners and curries but I always find it so difficult to incorporate this with Emma’s fussy little taste buds! I do try to cook one meal for all of us and maybe modify it slightly for Emma but its unlikely it ever works because Emma is so fussy, especially from 1 to 2 years old. She is starting to eat a little more now which is great, I don’t want to jinx it, but so far so good!

Generally Emma will have cereal (usually Rice Krispies or Cheerios) Weetabix or crumpets for breakfast with some fruit or an innocent smoothie, this is normally the meal that she will always eat, and I will do a variation of those items most days for her, because I know she likes it.

For lunch I would love to make a sandwich for Emma but she just will not eat them, except when she’s at nursery, she will always eat different things at nursery but never at home, typical right! She loves beans, which is great because they are so easy and go with most things. Vegetables are always a struggle but she has recently started loving corn on the cob so I give her that quite regularly now. A typical lunch for Emma is fish fingers, corn on the cob, and beans if I am at home, with variations with toast, chicken nuggets, Quorn sausages and fruit in place of the corn on the cob. That’s one great thing she loves, fruit! Thank goodness for that! She will actually sit and eat a whole carton of blueberries or pomegranate so I don’t feel too guilty when she doesn’t eat her vegetables!

For Dinner I usually experiment a bit more here as I would love it if she could eat some of what we have just to make things easier, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but always worth a try. The other day, for example, I made a noodle dish with stir fry vegetables and she loved it and ate the whole bowl, so I thought great, I’ll make it another night for her, but then she didn’t like it…and so it begins again!! A dinner that is good one day is often not always ok another day, she does like to make it easy for me! She also loves rice and foods that are a bit spicy, that’s the Indian in her for sure, so I do dal and rice or chicken curry and rice which she likes, some of the days. Spaghetti Bolognese usually goes down quite well and recently she has been requesting pasta dishes which is great as it is so easy for me. I think it does get a bit easier as they get older because they can tell you what they like and don’t like.

Feeding Emma has definitely been the toughest part of becoming a mum, I feel, as I struggled at first with breast feeding so ended up doing combined feeding of formula and breastfeeding and then when I started to wean at 6 months she didn’t seem to take too anything except a bit of banana and porridge, and then it’s continuously been a struggle from then onwards, but she is starting to eat a bit more now so I am confident it will get easier. I constantly see lovely meals made by great mamas on Instagram for their babies, and I just wondered do any other mums struggle with their little ones dinners like I have?

I hope you have enjoyed reading,

Amy xxx

Our family are huge animal lovers and recently we have rescued a greyhound from the Retired Greyhound Trust she is a lovely little Brindle girl and we named her Maddie.

She actually lives at my dads house, he has been wanting to rescue a greyhound since our last one passed away. He initially was quite apprehensive as rehoming any dog with a young child around is a risk, especially when this particular dog has never been in a home before and has only know kennels and race tracks! So you have to be cautious and make sure the dog is right for you and your family. After many years of searching we found Maddie and she has been perfect so far! She epitomises the “Lap Dog” stereotype retired greyhounds have and wants little exercise and only to be fussed all day long! She is the biggest softie ever, and so far absolutely perfect with Emma!

Asleep again here!!

Initially you visit the Retired Greyhound Trusts website which I have linked and you can see what dogs they have available for adoption. We saw Sherry (that was her initial name) and immediately contacted the trust, where I spoke to a lovely lady called Tracey Parbery who is the chair of the Greyhound Trust Hall Green and we paid £25 to reserve her. The reserve then lasts for 2 weeks after which the dog becomes available again. We were told Maddie had already been reserved but it had fallen through so we were eager to get there to arrange to adoption! The initial £25 goes to the trust and helps the kennels looks after the dogs amongst many other things. Tracey was so friendly and helpful which made the process easy and enjoyable. So we arranged to visit Maddie early the next morning at Watford Gap Kennels to meet her and take her for a little walk. We were greeted by a really lovely lady called Lauren from Boston, she got Maddie out for us and we instantly fell in love! She was great on the lead and that’s where we discovered her name would be Maddie. In the next field another family were playing with another greyhound with a squeaky toy, as soon as Maddie heard the squeak she propelled all four legs off the floor in a bid to escape and chase the squeaky toy! Dad turned around and said, “She’s Mad! This is Mad Maddie!” And the name stuck!

After meeting her we knew she was the one and began the adoption process. Lauren helped us to arrange a home visit where a representative comes over and checks your home is suitable for a greyhound, for example, if the fencing is high enough in the garden as they can jump very high! A friendly lady called Jane came over with her beautiful brindle boy, Ben. I think he was the home tester actually! That went really well and soon we were on our way to bringing Maddie home! We arranged a day to go and pick Maddie up where we were again greeted by Lauren who was again so lovely even though the kennels were crazy busy with potential greyhound owners! We took Maddie out again for a little walk and Emma had lots of cuddles with her whilst dad went through the small amount of paperwork with Lauren. Lauren provides lots of information about caring for a greyhound including a months free pet insurance which you can continue if you wish too, definitely something we will be doing. They also give you a collar and a lead to take with you which is great. We also chose a pretty red martingale collar from the selection the had there. We also bought some food that they sell there as we thought it would be a good idea to continue with the same feed Maddie was having at the kennels so as not to disrupt her too much, with is working out great, she is having a few treats as well, because she is just too cute! Then we were on our way with our beautiful new baby!

I cannot recommend The Retired Greyhound Trust more! The whole process was so quick and easy and everyone was so friendly! If you are thinking about rehoming a greyhound I think it is the best thing ever! They are not what you think, yes they are ex racers but they are basically big lap dogs! They just want fuss all the time and are so soft and loving it would be a great addition to any family. As with all dogs there are some more problematic than others, but with a bit of TLC they can become another fluffy addition to your family. Maddie is definitely a Cavalier King Charles inside a Greyhounds body!!

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Amy xxx




I used to be such a tom-boy when I was younger and don’t think I wore make up until I was around 17! I remember I was working in a pub and my sister put some bronzer on me before I went to work that evening and I had a few compliments saying how nice I looked and what have I done differently, so from that day on I started to wear make up, ah the wonders of a compliment haha! I am certainly not an expert in no way but I do love make up and like to take care of my skin, try to anyway!

I think the most important thing is removing your make up properly to make sure your skin is clean to avoid blemishes. I used to just use a face wash and then moisturize but my skin was getting so bad and I couldn’t understand why. My sister, who is much more of an expert on these things than me, suggested I use a toner after washing my face as well, so I tried this and I was amazed how much make up was still left on my face! I now incorporate this into my daily routine and have noticed a massive difference, it also leaves your face feeling much softer as well. I tend to use mostly No.7 products because my skin is so sensitive and I have tried so many different products, and theirs’ seem to suit my skin the best. I used to use Liz Earle which I loved but it just broke the bank every time I ran out. No.7 is just much more affordable.

I use No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Foaming Cleanser and No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Toning Water 200ml

It has also come to my attention I am getting older, so I suddenly thought, I need anti wrinkle cream immediately!! So I use No.7 again, as I don’t really know what else is good, I use the early defence eye cream  I don’t really know how these things work, but I like to think its helping. For moisturiser I use No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal / Dry Skin  I like this because it has spf 15 in and that’s the first thing to protect your skin on a daily basis. For night time moisturiser I use Rosehip oil, which is meant to be amazing for your skin, and you only need a tiny bit! I couldn’t find the one I use but I think any 100% Rosehip oil works the same whichever one you buy, apparently its great for anti aging! I also sometimes use the No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Dry if I want a break from the oil.

Make up wise, I tend to use whatever I like the look of. When I used to live in the Cayman Islands there were so many great options and I used to love buying myself some good make up, but now its a case of what’s the most affordable I can get, but still good quality. I only tend to use a Rimmel concealer number 200 (to hide the mum bags and spots) a Mac Studio Fix powder (which is my absolute favourite) a Mac blusher or No.7 bronzer, sometimes both depending on how I feel/look haha and then some mascara, although lately my eye lids have been swelling which Is weird as they haven’t done that for ages so don’t know what’s going on there!? Also does anyone else’s eyelashes snap off? Mine grow and then just snap off so I am left with massive gaps all over my eyes which is so annoying! I never know whether to get lash extensions or use a lash moisturiser/conditioner. I always get worried the lash extensions will damage my eyelashes further. I did use this conditioner called RapidLash enhancing serum which was amazing! My eye lashes grew really long and healthy and the minute I ran out they all snapped off!! Maybe I am just destined not to have long lashes…

Like I said I really don’t have much idea what I am talking about, but I do like to take care of my skin and I love Make up, so hopefully it was informative or just fun to read!

Amy xxx





Being a first time mum you hear the word ‘routine’ a lot, whether it’s from the midwife, the health visitor, or your parents, this is something I have struggled with from the beginning. Before Emma, I was always late to everything (I still am sometimes!) and I took ages to get ready, but having a baby forces you out of your old bad habits and makes you create new habits and routines. I think to make the best routine you have to figure out what’s right for you and your baby.


I would love to be able to get up at 6:30, have a shower, have breakfast, tidy up and get Emma’s breakfast ready all before she wakes up, but truthfully I am just too tired! I have done it a few times, but only because I have naturally woken up early so I got up to have a cuppa in peace, but usually when she wakes up, I wake up. I am sure this will change when Emma is at school and I have to make sure we are ready and out of the house at a certain time.

I always sit with Emma while she is having her breakfast, which is generally Weatabix or another type of cereal as she loves it, and we watch Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly, then I make a cup of tea and chill for a bit, then we get ready for the day. I like to sit Emma down at her little table with her stickers, get her toys out or put a movie on for her while I do a few bits around the house, you know really fun things just for me like, washing up, clothes washing, hoovering, just fun things like that! Then we are off out somewhere. Its probably not the most organised of morning routines but it works for us!

Bedtime routine

This one was the hardest for me just because Emma is great at forcing herself to stay awake! Which obviously is great for me….not! After reading as much as I could about bedtime routines and listening to my friends who have babies I just though I’ll do a mix of all the different things I have learnt. We generally have dinner about 5:30 and then Emma plays for a bit while I tidy up, then I used to get all her things ready for her bath and bed and read her a story with the lights low and some relaxing music on, but now she is just so hyper she won’t sit still for story time anymore so I tend to just put her in the bath, then if I can I will read her a story after her bath. She still has a bottle of milk before sleep as she absolutely loves it, not really sure how I am going to slowly stop that, or if you are meant to stop it?! Then I put her to bed, and on a good day I will only have to go back in to her room once or twice but more often than not its a good hour of battling to get her to sleep! When she was much younger the struggle was real, it was 2 or 3 hours of screaming before bed, it really drove me crazy, it was just absolutely impossible to get her to sleep. Luckily (I’m touching wood whilst typing this!) she is out of the screaming phase and now she is just sassy so it is a bit easier to manage! I love Lavender and I use a lavender pillow spray on my pillow before I sleep and I do that for Emma as well, I like to think it helps, but some nights not so much!

When she is finally asleep I would love to have chill time, have a bath, or just watch rubbish TV, but I still have to cook dinner and tidy up, so I generally don’t end up sitting down until 9:30, so I always end up going to bed far to late, but what mum doesn’t do that! We crave for those couple of hours to our self, just to chill, right?!

What do other mamas do to relax?

Amy xxx